Excelsior Capital Ventures is a finance company that provides liquidity to the midstream diamond and jewelry sector. ECV funds up to $20 million per borrower, with each loan being collateralized by diamonds and precious metal inventories. In the event that a client requires a larger loan, ECV will engage its partner banks and lead a syndication up to $150 million per borrower. In addition, Excelsior will offer its clients a breadth of marketing and distribution services to increase their top line, as well as provide them with channel diversity. ECV views itself as a true lender partner, and in that regard will make available to clients an array of advisory services; namely in human resources, sourcing, pricing strategy, branding, and M&A.

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Our team

Excelsior Capital Ventures was founded by Nehal Modi and Jonathan Mitchell in 2015, as the diamond and jewelry industry was witnessing a significant decline in traditional bank finance in the midstream sector.  ECV was formed to help close the lending gap of an estimated $6 Billion and at the same time help borrowers enhance their businesses via marketing services as well as critical advisory offerings.

Excelsior begins its partnership with clients by understanding their capital structure and borrowing needs. The ECV team then evaluates a borrower’s eligible inventories, and commits to a two-year credit facility based on the valuation of the collateral.

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Human capital is the core of Excelsior’s capabilities. Our management team consists of members that have expertise in each of our offerings. Through a unique and collaborative effort, we integrate a solution that is tailor made for ECV clients.

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